About Us

Welcome to Outstanding Academic Opportunities (www.oaopp.com) and its About Us page. This is where you will learn something about me, its author and what this website is all about.

Prepare yourself for a departure from the norm of everyday beliefs, mundane teachings and outright lies. My remit is in telling the truth and I don't like being lied to any more than most other people like it. Problem as I see it is we're all being told a lot of lies while being fed a daily dose of media brainwashing to make sure that nobody notices.

How can this be in a civilized society?

Here's the turning point. You either have a hankering that not everything is as it should be and you're curious to know more about what I know. Or you're so completely brainwashed that you don't even know it (that's the point of brainwashing, by the way) and you're going to go away and get back to watching videos of people being stupid or cats falling off walls or read your social media page to see what everyone is posting about.

Real interesting, that.

How have so many people been so completely fooled as to spend so much of their valuable time thumbing through pages and pages of dross, believing that it's so important to their lives?

The sky is falling! Danger, danger! Never fear, Smith is here!

Except he's not really because he's just a media creation. Was. It was a long time ago.

Are you still with me? Good. Your view on life is going to change.